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video slots and fruit machines cops and robbersWelcome to Cops and Robbers where we showcase the latest and greatest video slots, online fruit machines and jackpot games. The site is named after the iconic pub fruit machine “cops and robbers” which most people from the UK will be familiar with.

As things have moved on somewhat since the 1990’s video slots have taken the limelight away from classic fruit machines. Although online you can play such a wide variety of real money video slots along with classic fruit machines. And that’s the aim of our website, to bring you the very latest video slots, fruit machines and classic games.

The cops and robbers fruit machine was a popular pastime for many a slots addict, and we are sure it remains the same today! There is a n online version you can online for real money. Cops and robbers fruit machine online.

If like me you spend your youth wasting time playing slots in pubs, clubs and snooker halls you should enjoy the online versions of these classic slots.

You can play video slots right here for free, this requires no download, no registration just instant play free online slots. When you are ready sign up to the best online casinos and claim some free bonus money in the process. When not spinning the reels card games such as 3 card brag were the order of the day, but for now let’s get started on the video slots and fruit machines available online.

There are 3 versions if cops and robbers to play online right here!

We are very pleased to bring you 3 versions of the cops and robbers fruit machine to play for free right here on the website. Let’s outline them below and include links to the relevent pages.

You can them all without making a deposit or even registering, no card details and no registration = no hassle just free online slots.

Cops n Robbers Fruit Machine

This is a traditional variation of the classic pub bandit many will know. Spin the reels to hopefully reveal the feature board and go on the run. I suppose it resembled classic board games as you roll the dice and try to stay ahead of the cops who are in close pursuit. Play Now for Free

Cops n Robbers Millionaires Row

The cops and robbers millionaires row slot was released a few Years back and replaced another version called “safecracker” which is no longer available. This is a great improvement on the origional and gives the user a much more entertaining experience. Play Millionaires row for free

Cops n Robbers Vegas Vacation

This newest release really is something a bit different but still holds true to it’s roots. The Vegas vacation is a much more animated and compelling online slot but still with Bert being chased while on holiday in Las Vegas!

It’s an exceptional slot and includes a lot more bonuses, features and 3d animation to bring the characters to life. The feature board is still the main attraction but looks amaing compared to the older versions.

Where to Play Video Slots Online

The virtual World is full of casinos that offer online video slots for real money. this gives us as punters a great opportunity to try a huge range of online slots with bonus money and often for free. It’s important to remember however to only play at a safe, secure and reputable online casino when depositing and playing video slots for real money.

For this very reason we have narrowed the search for online casinos down to just two of the very best for UK players to join. Casumo is our favourite!

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The Journey To Video Slots

For those old enough to remember slots were 1st known as one armed bandits. This were crude machines by today’s standards, but at the time it was cutting edge technology. Gambling was always an attraction throughout the Years so don’t think casinos and betting in general is a new thing.

One armed bandits originally had 3 reels and 1 win line. The win line was in the center of the reels running left to right. They were called “one arm bandits” because to operate the machine you inserted a coin and pulled a big lever to the side which looked like an arm. Because they took your money and looked the way they did, the phrase one armed bandit was born.

These early fruit machines are now extremely collectable. if you happen across one you should snap it up if the price is right.

In the 1980’s traveling fairs were fully armed with 1 arm bandits to “entertain” customers. It was the most profitable part of the fair. Kids were allowed to play with their pocket money and you would see them putting 1 and 2p coins into the machines, pulling the handle and then trying again.

From Bandits to fruit Machines

For as long as I can remember (I’m 42) fruit machines were always around. Even as a kid aged 4 or 5 I have fond memories of sitting on my grandmothers knee while she played the fruit machines at the local pub.

This is a far cry from today’s World where everyone is very careful to be politically correct and keep children way from any form if gambling. Gambling is addictive, there is no disputing that. The saying that “when the fun stops stop” is perfect. Gambling whether on horse racing, roulette or slots can be harmful, you should be careful and only play with what you can afford to lose. If you need any help please visit

Fruit machines were all singing all dancing affairs. With bright lights and music they were there to get your attention. their aim was to get you to put your hard earned money in the slot hoping to win the Jackpot.

Our local snooker club was the place to be when fruit machines were concerned. They had the “club machines” which were allowed to have much bigger jackpots than the machines found in pubs. This was the early 1990’s and cops n robbers was taking the limelight. Others such as super snake proved a big hit but only cops n robbers sticks with everyone whom ever played it.

The Jackpots in clubs at the time were £100 and there was often a cashpot of the same value up for grabs. You would always see someone playing the gambling machines, more often than not in groups of 2 or 3.

People would press their faces against the glass fronts to see the workings behind, by doing this you could see how full the tubes were. this was an indication of how full the machine was, and therefore how likely it was to pay out. I now believe this to have been a stupid tactic, but we all did it!!

Remember the cops n robbers fruit machine?

Remember trying to collect the swag bags and out run the cops? You were bert the criminal and once you hit the feature board it was time to roll the dice and keep one step ahead of the law. There was also a dog involved in the chase if I remember rightly that is.

The more rolls of the dice you got the more cash you collected, collect the keys to get to the super board also known as millionaire row. If you were caught you had to do an I.D parade where hopefully you would choose either the vicar or Sid, if you get away with it you carry on.

There was quite a few versions such as club cops n robbers, cops and robbers gold, safecracker to name a few, all were pretty similar and great fun for many hours. We are working on this web site to bring more info about the classic cops and robbers fruit machine and how to play, cheats and more

The Cops and Robbers Fruit Machine was immensely popular in the 1990’s and just about every where you went for a drink, any pub, any club or any snooker hall had the cops and robbers sound effects echoing around the room.

New versions such as cops and robbers gold which was released in 2003 proved just as big a hit as the first time around, and more versions are still to be made of this all time classic. You can now play cops and robbers fruit machine online 24/7 at a number of online casinos.

The First “Video Slot” was Invented in 1891

The first recording of what could loosely be classed as a slot machine was invented in 1891 by

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