Cops and Robbers Cheats and Tips

Cops and robbers fruit machine cheats and tips are below to help you profit from this classic pub/club machine. Firstly however cheats don’t really exist! They are often made up stories passed around by players who think they have managed to conquer the fruit machine.

If real fruit machine cheats did exists I’m sure the makers would soon sort them out and that whomever discovered the cheat would NOT share it with others. Would you share something that could easily make you hundreds or thousands a day?

The tips below are for the standard cops and robbers fruit machine, the newer versions which are often found in bookies shops are touchscreen versions, these are highly advanced but do offer the chance to win big. The most popular touchscreen is cops and robbers safecracker which you can also play online!

Tips for playing cops and robbers

1: Check to see if the machine is full. As you put £1 coins in listen for the coin traveling to the bottom of the machine where the cash box is emptied. If the coin goes there every time then the fruit machine is full.

2: Check the cash pot. If the cash pot is full and if there is a reserve cash pot check that’s also full. Although the cashpot is separate and when won will not effect the way in which the game is played having it full gives you double the chance of hitting the maximum amount.

3: Force the cash pot! One of the most popular ways to play cops and robbers involves forcing the cash pot. To do this you play for nothing else but the cash pot!!! As it doesn’t effect the normal game you are effectively winning nothing from the machine as far as the chips and circuits know, you are also making it ready to pay features and jackpot AFTER you do win the cash pot. Make sure it’s ready to pay by checking point 1 & 2 above.

4: Not Sure? Don’t Play! If you are unsure if it’s full/ready to pay or the cash pots are empty/low just leave it alone. There is no point flogging a dead horse. Although fruit machines are addictive and the urge to play may be great it might simply be a complete waste of time and importantly money!

More cops and robbers fruit machine cheats and tips will be added very soon. Please feel free to add any of your own advice by using the comment box below, any tips you can share will be much appreciated!

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3 comments on "Cops and Robbers Cheats and Tips"

  1. neil houlker on

    Can anyone help me out! I have a club cops and robbers and the sound is turned low,i cannot adjust it even when using a refill key,any advice out there please?

  2. admin on

    Not sure myself but as soon as I see a friend who knows about these things I’ll ask. If anyone else knows in the meantime, please share. Thanks.

  3. neil houlker on

    Ok,thanks for that,much appreciated! I have actually got into the programming mode now and have managed to turn the volume up from 0 up to full but it has made no difference and the sound is still very low,its driving me mad!

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