Community Cops n Robbers

sky vegas community cops and robbers slotThe latest innovative version of the classic fruit machine is Community Cops n Robbers available to play online at Sky Vegas.

The emphasis on the game is the community aspect where you are playing simultaneously to others, when one player activates a bonus round – all players get a bonus round. This should mean more chances to win and a sense of camaraderie.

The game is essentially the same as cops and robbers safecracker with 3 different bonuses which are awarded and a chat box if you want to talk to others playing the same game. Often everyone is either complaining about losing or boasting about their big wins, either way it adds a little extra fun to the game.

How To Play Community Cops and Robbers

Open the game via Sky Vegas and select your stake. It’s a 20 line slot so 5p per line would be £1 a spin, the lowest is 1p per line being 20p per spin.

As soon as your spins begin it important to keep going at a fast pace, the faster you click the spin button the faster the robber “Bert” moves across the top of the screen towards the safe, this is important as once he reaches the safe a higher bonus will be on the cards as soon as it’s triggered.

You play the game as normal spinning and winning, when you or another player in the room gets 3 or more cops n robbers symbols a bonus round is awarded. This bonus round is why you need to keep Bert at the safe for a higher multiplier.

Lets say you get the pyramid bonus known as “cop the lot” which is one of the 3 available, your stake is 5p per line x the multiplier by Bert up to 40 x the amounts earned in the feature, this could be substantial indeed and made much better by playing fast and keeping Bert at the safe.

Community Cops and Robbers Features

Cash Explosion
Simply blow the safe to reveal the cash inside, the prize is multiplied by your stake and active bonus, this is probably the worst bonus round and is usually reveals x 12 to 19 but that can be ok depending on your stake.

Hot Pursuit
The red dice is rolled and you move around the feature board in classic cops and robbers style, the cop will be hot on your tail as always. After every roll you’ll land on squares which represent cash values and add them all up in the bank.

When the cop catches the robber, there is an ID parade.

If VIC (the vicar) is picked , you are free to go and continue on the board collecting more swag. If SID is picked out the chase continues with some Compensation for false arrest and rightly so imo. If BERT(you) is picked out, “it’s a fair cop” and the feature is over and your on your way to jail! All swag collected is added to your balance and it’s back to the normal reels to hopefully trigger more features.

Cop The Lot
This is also referred to as the Pyramid Feature and 9 safes are exploded each revealing a multiplier amount, some contain x 25 some more some less. The average of all added together is around 90 which makes for a nice pay day and with the extra multiplier from Bert’s safe it’s no wonder that this is the most valuable and sort after feature of all.

You can try the all new community cops n robbers game at Sky Vegas today!

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